Displaying retrieved data on same page

hey folks,
i was wondering how do i make some database queries based on a simple form display on the same page. suppose there are two tables on top of eachother and when search button is clicked the data which is searched for comes in the second table (just 1 page divided into 2). i know how to get data from DB but i donno how to make a search page display data too on same page

thanks but some of things are not clear to me. perhaps a example of it would be appreciated

The form submits to the same page, and above the HTML you have your PHP to get the required info from the DB. You put this info into variables.

If you don’t want the form displayed again then set a PHP variable to denote that the form was submitted, then use an if() clause to test for it to decide whether or not to show the form. Then you can display the DB info by simply echo’ing the variables in the relevant places in the HTML.

Seemples! :slight_smile: