Displaying mark-down price

On my website I have a box which contains a service for sale, and I would like to offer a marked down price. (e.g. $30 ===> $20)

1.) I can’t seem to recall for sure, but in advertising, do they usually have the original price be its normal font size, and then the mark down price is smaller and to the side? Or is it usually the other way around?

2.) My original price is currently 2.5 em. What size would you make the marked down price?

3.) Would you put the marked down price to the right of the original price? And would it have the same baseline or should it maybe be raised almost like a superscript?

4.) From an HTML/CSS standpoint, what is the best way to present a diagonal “slash” through the original price to show it no longer applies?


Try a Google or Bing search and see if you can find any examples :slight_smile:

Without a screenshot or an actual link to a web page then it is impossible to make any suggestions.

See suggestion #2

See suggestion #2

The following topic’s guidelines should be helpful in how to "help people to help you."


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