Displaying data in a table for different records


I have a need (even desire!) to display data in a table.

A table of a standard layout that is used for many different product records:

LEFT column is fixed labels but I might need to change the text, add more rows/labels, delete rows etc

RIGHT column I want a select field in each cell that contains choices to select from I set up, i.e choice differs depending on the product record, but a limited range hence the select list*. Shown in image is a ‘selected choice’ (dropdowns not shown) Again these will want to be edited, added to etc.

Hmm do I create and manage the tables by having a visual table for each record in Tablepress or ACF etc with the data contained there in the backend, and based on a Master table (i.e I make row/label changes to the master and it updates the other tables)
or do I create a table and define the right column data at the point of creating each record? and it embeds into the record or something?
Not quite sure of the extent to which I can use ACF, Tablepress etc for this. As much as possible but not exceeding their limits…

will hire a developer if necessary

*except File Title and Image Title, which will be text fields


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