Displaying Click Here Gif Under Link

Hello everyone,

I am trying to put a blinking click here gif I created in Fireworks. I am unable to get it to appear on my page. It’s probably something simple that I don’t know how to do. It’s a .gif file that I put in with the <img> tag. Here’s how it appears in the code.

...king to date other seniors. You would probably have some fun on</div><br /> <div style="padding-bottom:5%;"><a href="http://www.atlantareviewgroup.com/dating/seniorpeoplemeetreview1.php" id="seniorpeoplemeet" style="width:50em; padding-right:3em;">Senior People Meet</a></div>
    <img src="/style/clickhereuparrow.gif" />

For the hotlink (image) to be clickable it should be within an anchor. If you cannot see the image the odds are you have the image file path wrong and make sure you view the page in a browser.

I don’t want it to be clickable… I just want it to show up!! If it is not incorrect for a / to start the file path, that is the absolute correct path to the .gif file.

Where is the image file, relative to the calling page? The path would more likely be something like …/style/clickhereuparrow.gif (if the style subdirectory is one level above the page) or just style/clickhereuparrow.gif (if the style subdirectory is on the same level as the page).

Yeah, getting rid of the / before the file name got the job done. root folder –> style folder