Display of 2nd menu and breadcrumb trail

I looked for an existing thread about this, in the belief that I cannot be the only person to have the following problem, but I found nothing.

The search region encroaches upon the secondary menu, which makes some of its links (Forum actions onwards) unreachable, and the last link in the secondary menu drops down and causes exactly the same problem for the breadcrumb trail. I have the base font size increased (that is something else that you ought to review, actually) but I have ensured that this is not the cause. I use Firefox, but Chrome is just the same.

Basically, the entire menu and search region layout seems to be designed for very wide viewports and fails to shrink gracefully.

No - you’re not alone. I’ve experienced similar problems and it has been reported.

Hmmphh. So, if the powers that be know about it, why [apparently] not fix it?

Thanks for replying, TechnoBear.

I expect it’s on the list with everything else. :slight_smile:

A lot, is there? I see!

Two upgrades ago I whined about the 13px font size.
Basically, vBull themes do everything a “pixel perfect” page does. The menu bar is never straight on any of my browsers, because of ginormous font settings :slight_smile:

But anyway, custom css sheets on all browsers are the way to go. You can even add :focus + ul stuff to make the dropdowns work with keyboard.