Display latest tweet on web site

Hi guys,

I’m currently making a website for myself which I aim to structure into a blog at some stage. I know from reading here, that a lot of posters believe Wordpress to be a great CMS and worthy of building a good website but I’m really wanting to build everything with HTML, CSS and JavaScript when it comes to this website (main reason - to increase my understanding of web standards and general coding).

One thing I’ve noticed on other personal sites which I believe to be a nice touch, is the display of recent tweets from the user’s Twitter profile. I’d really like to display my latest tweet from my Twitter profile on the home page of my web site. Is anyone aware of how this can be achieved without having to use PHP? I’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi hiler88. You can do it with PHP or JavaScript. I get the sense that PHP is a tad more reliable, but that said, I’ve used it with JS for years and it’s worked pretty well.

Here’s a handy link for setting it up:

How To Display Your Last Tweet Using Javascript And The Twitter API | Web Design Dev