Display input value below same page after submit

Hello guys,

I created an Eulogy website for my friend who passed away.
I want people to be able to enter their email address and then post an eulogy, which will show bellow the input section.

what I want to do is create a database which will save both email and eulogy, with Myql/php and then use Ajax to parse the information so the page does not reload.

the form contains the Email input area, Eulogy input area and submit button
and then a space bellow the form which will display the eulogies posted by people.

And I want to make sure that any new post should be the last post to show in the display area when you scroll down.

This is my html code in codeine bellow:

I am also ope to other suggestions, on how or which language to use, to achieve same results.

How far have you got with this, past creating the html form?
Have you built the database and table, or started the processing script?

I think the first thing would be to get it working in the normal way with just php/sql as that should be reasonably straightforward and people generally expect a page refresh after a form submission.

Once you have that up and running, then think about the Ajax interactivity.

ok, I will do that, thanks. @SamA74

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