Display duplicate MySQLi entries

I have a database in which some rows have some information while duplicate entries contain additional information.

Using MySQLi rather than mysql, how would I display all duplicate records?

depends on what constitutes a duplicate record.

Duplicate record? Oh, sorry. I didn’t know I needed to specify. I’m new at this. By duplicate record, I meant two records that are exactly the same. I would like to display both records on my PC monitor. Well, it’s a laptop, but that shouldn’t matter. I don’t have a cell phone, but if I actually bought one, I would like both records to display properly on that, too. Thanks in advance!.

that brings up the question, why there are duplicate entries (which is a thing you’d normally try to avoid).

if there is something in these duplicate data sets that acts as primary key (a (set of) data item(s) that uniquely identifies an entry (e.g. a user name)) then you could use thats count in your WHERE clause.

Seeing the table schema and knowing what fields you are interested in comparing would be a big help.

As each row should have a unique key, I can’t imagine any row being completely identical to another in every way.