Display block whole div

Im trying to block a div on mobile devices


<div id="home-thumbnails" class="container">


    @media all and (max-width: 599px) {
    #home-thumbnails {

I’ve looked at debugging but cant find any issues?

A <div> is a block tag by default.

@ronpat is right, a <div> is a block element by default.

What is the exact issue you’re having? Can you give us an example on http://jsfiddle.net/ that replicates the issue?

Do you mean you want to block it from displaying? In which case display:none; is probably what you’re after.


If the element was previously floated and you are trying to change it to a normal block element then you would need to add float:none in your media query.

Of course we are all just guessing here until we get the full details :smile:

So sorry all - production site with code here - [danmorrisphotography.co.uk][1]
[1]: http://www.danmorrisphotography.co.uk

Sorry guys display:none is of course what I need - apologies all.

No need to apologise - we’re here to help.

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes; you spend so long looking at your own code that you can’t see the obvious. (Well, that’s my experience, anyway. ) Glad you’ve got it fixed.

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Oh yes in my experience plenty of simple mistakes happen!!! : )

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Is that what I need? OMG… then a need a new pair… mine are kind of worn out :stuck_out_tongue:

Off Topic:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Else, it wouldn’t be me :smiley:

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