Display an overlay window based on IP


  1. I have integrated an overlay window onto my website which you can see here www.bathroomwarehouse.com.au/bw-proof.html. That window shows up to all visitors when the page loads. What I would like to do is to have this window appear only for a specific state of Australia (Western Australia). This script would detect the IP of the person visiting that page and if that person is located in WA, the window comes up. Where can I start searching and can anyone give me advice on how to develop it? (I already have the database for GeoIP location of Australia).

  2. On that same window, there is also a checkbox that can be checked when a visitor wants to be remembered the next time he visits that same page. If he checks it, the window won’t show up the next times he visits it. Any advice?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Does it contain IPs for WA?

  2. Use a cookie

Thank you for your reply.

Yes it does contain IPs (start IP and end IP) of cities located in WA.

That would be great if you could give me a starter on how to use cookie.

Thank you