Disk file recovery

Hi all;
I have a divx reader with hard disk connected by a wireless network to my PC: while I was renaming some folders the network went down and the folders become files, so now are unreadable.
Now, when I connect the network drive, in the left column I have 8 folders (instead of the 10 that I had before) and two files of 0kb.
Before this problem these two files were two folders containing hundreds of files.
How can I restore them? remember that I don’t have a physical access to the drive, only by network.
Thank you

Restore your hard drive. Do not write any more data to the hard drive. If you have erased a file via the recycle bin, do not save any more files to the hard drive. New data will copy over the erased data, rendering it unretrievable. Use a DOS program like TestDisk to retrieve data on removed or damaged partitions.