Discounts / gift certificates, which hosted Ecommerce solution is best?

Hello all.

I want to move a small Ecommerce site I’ve made over to a hosted, ‘all-in-one’ solution (hope that’s close to the right terminology). I’ve been looking at Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce and others like it. My client wants to be able to easily create gift certificates and also offer coupon codes for a dollar amount or a percentage off. I’m getting tired of using very inconvenient and sketchy workarounds with Paypal buttons, and this isn’t the type of project I can invest a lot of time to write my own PHP discount platform. I’m trying to move toward my client being able to handle inventory on their own.

Does anyone know of a particular solution that has a friendly interface for managing inventory, and has the ability to easily create coupon/discount codes and gift certificates? To put it in a frame of reference, the site will be offering less than 100 products, so we’re trying to go for that base $24.99-$30.00/month range which I see a handful of these companies offering.

Any help or opinions much appreciated. Thanks!

I have read you post about Discount on Gifts etc.I have been using for gifts and other products form more then 2 years.

Hi teamjordy. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used most of those hosted carts, but going on what I have seen (and going on their introductory videos) they do tend to have nice backend interfaces. As for discount vouchers etc., it’s best to ask consult each company for features. for example, I just googled “shopify voucher” and found that Shopify is “soon” to introduce this feature.

[noparse][/noparse] is a neat little hosted cart that I believe has coupons and vouchers.