Disappearing Button Value

Loading this page, there’s a button underneath the form on the page. As the page is loading, the text “Place Order” flashes and then disappears.

Does anyone see what is causing the value to disappear?

I’m not seeing it.

That page does not have “the form”, it has a few forms, so I don’t know which one you’re referring to.

The only place I could see “Place Order” is in some jQuery code before the </body>

jQuery("body.woocommerce-checkout .place-order input[value='']").val("Place Order");

but that pages body tag does not have the woocommerce-checkout class

<body class="page page-id-6 page-template-default woocommerce-cart woocommerce-page cart responsive-menu-push-right">

nor is there any element in that page with the place-order class.

So AFAIK that shouldn’t be showing at all let alone flash and disappear.

Thanks for the eyes, Mittineague.

I have this in my footer:

jQuery("body.woocommerce-checkout .place-order input[value='']").val("Place Order");

but it doesn’t seem to be ‘sticking’ to the button. So something seems to be overwriting it.

I’m suspecting it’s an AJAX conflict that’s causing the input value to disappear. So I went in and modified the not only the input value but also the data-value. That seemed to have done the trick, even though I don’t think this was the best solution to the problem.

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