Disadvantage to having [domain] redirect to [domain]/news?

I have set up my website link removed to automatically redirect to /news/. Is there any disadvantage to doing this, for either SEO reasons or otherwise?

Thank you.

Hi Geiger,

It is not disadvantage, if you are not going to keep it that for longer time. Also, if you are going to add some service or page on front page or main domain.

If you don’t have any plan to keep on main page or front page.

  1. It is best idea to have an index page with list of latest forum post mix with latest news.
  2. whenever any new post / thread in forum it would update by it self on front page (just like sitepoint)
  3. Same thing with latest news post auto or manual update on index page.
  4. It will help Google keep coming everyday and crawl your latest post in forum with news post.

Also, it would not look unprofessional that “why are forwarding index page to sub-folder, when you can start same service on main page?”

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