Disabled Textarea in IE has no scrollbar

And my users have to click-and-drag on the text to “scroll” the text. Firefox is fine.

Is it a problem with IE?

May I ask why you would want the user to view the complete text of a disabled textarea? That’s kind of confusing for me. IMO IE forgive me for I have sinned does the right thing in this situation.

I don’t want to submit the textarea content when the user clicks Submit. I just want to display the content for “review”. The form should submit some other fields. Well, I know I should put the textarea OUTSIDE of the form, but haven’t quite got around to it.

Actually, there is also a UI purpose for disabling the textarea. I want users to know that the textarea is NOT a valid input area. Using readonly, the textarea looks like it can still be edited.

Any workarounds?

Why do you have to use textarea anyway? Just put the text outside. Put it in a div and put a border on it if you want the block to look like a textarea.

I’m working with very little real estate. Is there any other way to do scrollbar other than with textarea?

Also, I’m re-using the form I created for the “Create Entry” function. Users enter a value into the textarea. So, I just re-use the entire form for “View Entry” function. That’s why I’m using textarea to display values.

You can use CSS overflow property to get the scrollbar. Are you using any template system? It’ll be easy peasy to switch between a textarea and a div if you use one.

Or maybe you can use readonly and use CSS to change the background to grey or something. Put a variable in the css class of that textarea and switch it to the “readonly” style when you want it to be.

I used HTML divs. Scrollbar works fine.

I realized that relative widths work, but not relative heights. I’m using 4em for height, which equals “rows=3” for textarea.

Now let’s see if there’s some voting system with this forum…

Yes, it’s called a poll.

I don’t know how to “poll”. I just wanted to give a thumbs up for LinhGB for his help.

No need to. Glad you got it worked out, mate.