Disable Right Click

How do you disable a right click for just one page on a site?

Only put the javascript on that one page. “Disable right click” scripts don’t actually protect anything, so I hope you’re only doing this for an insistent client that doesn’t care.

Actually it is for one of my sites. It is on a serious subject, actually in my sig. Report Online Scams. But I want to disable the right click on the about us page, because I don’t want some idiot stealing my picture of me and doing whatever he wants with it.

Disabling right click doesn’t prevent anyone from taking your picture.

They can:

[list][]Turn off JavaScript, then right click the picture
]Go to the file menu in their browser, save the whole page, then the picture is in the folder of webpage files saved
[]Hit print screen, and paste the screen shot of the webpage with your picture into Paint and save it
]Open the Snipping Tool built into Windows Vista and Windows 7, and cut out the image of you and save it
[]Print the page to a file
]Open the directory where the browser stores its cache, and take the picture that’s already saved there as a file[/list]

You can’t prevent someone from saving a picture once you put it on their screen.

Ok, just trying to see what I can do since I am sure some scam artist might try something like that. They already email me and cuss me out in broken English…lol

Ooh, I forgot the best one:

  • Point their cell phone at the screen and snap a picture of your picture

lol…chances are if they are a china scammer since their cell phone might not work, since there stuff is from the gray market anyways…lol

You can’t disable JavaScript at all if your visitor is using a browser that allows them to disable all sites ability to do that while allowing all the rest of the JavaScript to run eg. Opera disables all ‘disable Right Click’ scripts by default and you have to change the browser settings if you want to allow them to run.

Alight I should put cartoons of everyone on my site. I could do cartoons that would be cool. Except I don’t know how fitting that would be for a site that reports scams.

Better yet: instead of you, have actors/models. Like when they’re recreating events or those blank-eyed perfect-looking people who are “new homeowners” or “hospital workers” or whatever. You can likely find a cheap or free stock foto to fit your needs.

Most stock photography licenses wouldn’t allow substituting a model’s photo next to the name of people running a business.

Certainly saying “John Doe is the president of Report Online Scams” implies that he uses or endorses that business. Ya don’t want to put random models that don’t know their face is being used at risk.

Ah, I didn’t think they’d have names attached.

As everyone has said, you cannot prevent people right clicking or saving your stuff, the best thing you can do is issue a takedown notice as and when someone tries to use your photo against your wishes. I wouldn’t advise using a cartoon of your face otherwise it’s going to detract from the authenticity your website will provide. Though I must say it’s rather amusing to see a website about fraud try and prevent it by using cheap tricks which would probably make the website itself look less than dependable. The chances of a website getting cloned is remote, and it’s not going to last long if you know enough about copyright law to enforce a takedown notice.

PS: Well considering China’s mobile phones are about 5 years ahead of ours (in terms of technology and the kind of stuff they come packed with) it probably works out about equal then. Before the iPhone came out over here it would have been around 10 years difference, just to give you an idea of scale. :slight_smile:

lol, yeah a cartoon of me probably wouldn’t look that professional…lol

I guess I will just leave it and hope these scammers don’t try to spread my picture everywhere.