Direct Link to content without direct linking

Got you confused on the subject :slight_smile:

Have you ever been too a web page and the only way to view a specific image was was to go though a series of steps and this because of of a script controlling how the image is viewed ? That is the problem I’ve run into. If I want to give a direct link to a image I can’t because of the the script, I can’t without the user going to the page etc etc. There is nothing wrong with that method, but for flexibility I want to know if my task so to speak can be done ?

While it might be technically possible to direct link to an image, it’s considered to be extremely impolite. Some server owners I’ve known have gone so far as to redirect image requests from external sites to objectional images instead, in an effort to dissuade those other sites from racking up the server costs.

People who pay for servers tend to not like paying the bandwidth when other site owners direct link to their images. If a site puts you through so many hoops to prevent you from direct linking to their images, they might have a vested interest and reason for doing so.

Even with Paul’s good response, I’m not 100% certain it’s related to what you’re asking. Mainly because I suppose I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Could you possibly rephrase it or include more information?

What I mean is, say I give you a link to a image, but a Script is controlling how that image is displayed, as in one of those lightbox scripts which usually display the image in a nice wrap so to speak. I want to give you a direct link to that image without you visiting the page because I want you to link it or whatever, can this be done ?

Assuming the image is a file on your server, just link to it as you would any other file. e.g.

<a href="">Image</a>

Oh, Ok. I was getting it confused with another thread on a similar subject then :slight_smile: