Difficulty having 4-column posts with narrow sidebar


I searched hundreds of themes, page-builder plugins but can’t figure out a simple 4-column posts layout with a narrow sidebar. Most themes & plugin allow 3-4 wide column featured-posts (in full width), but have zero settings for reducing the column-widths a bit to throw in a narrow sidebar.

I zeroed on the layout of mouthshut.com and found it fits my bill. I want to replicate it.

I used Visual Composer plugin, but most themes clip its functionality: remove Posts-grid option. Else, the twitter bootstrap layout wastes precious screen-estate. Which means if somehow I get the posts-grid option going, the limited width spoils the layout (Red lines show wasted space. Firebug shows nothing hence can’t figure out what to change!!!)

I just don’t know how to proceed. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

Any grid layout option would be able to do this. Like you could have the grids for bootstrap which would be 12 for the entire grid. So if you want more space for 1st 4 and less for last 1 then you could add a outer grid of 10 or 11 for the left section and 1 or 2 grid for the sidebar section. Then as you want 4 parts for the left add inner grids of 3 so the 10 or 11 is divided into 25% each. This would be similar to the screen you have provided.

Thanks for your reply. And appreciate more if you could elaborate a bit as I am not a pro. Just asking, when you say:

You mean I should open the php files myself and modify the code?

Yes the PHP code will be having the grid css codes. You will need to update that as per your requirement