Different sidebar for home page and subpages

Hi Team

Please advice me how to use different sidebar in wordpress for home page and subpages …

For example :

Home >> sidebar Type 1

Contact page >> No side bar

Product page >> sidebar Type 2

Thank you

Hi shamrogan,

Welcome to the forums!
In WordPress you can pass a parameter to get_sidebar(), to include a sidebar other than your regular one.
For example, <?php get_sidebar('left'); ?> would include the file ‘sidebar-left.php’ from your current theme directory.

Maybe this will help, too: http://hibbard.eu/how-to-pass-parameters-to-your-wordpress-templates/

There’s also this free plugin which can help you if you aren’t comfortable changing code.

Ok Thank you sir .

there is also this from WooThemes, it’s also ‘no coding required’ and works independantly from the WooTheme framework, so you can use it in your themes: