Differences between .NET & ASP.net?

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What are the differences between .NET & ASP.NET?
How are they different from each other?

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.net is a framework. You can build web, windows and class library apps using .net.

ASP.NET is the webpart of the .net framework

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Here is another compilation of what NightStalker-DNS has mentioned: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3103360/net-vs-asp-net-vs-clr-vs-asp

.NET and ASP.NET really aren’t comparable. ASP.NET is dependent on .NET, it sits on top of it to extend the capability to web driven applications. Now ASP vs ASP.NET is a comparison you could make, ASP being a much older system (that isn’t supported anymore by Microsoft) of which ASP.NET replaced. There are a lot of other differences that you can find at http://www.diffen.com/difference/ASP_vs_ASP.Net

.Net is a framework where we can develop web application, window application, and mobile application with the help of different language. Asp.Net only support the web application. And its depend on .Net

.NET is a development framework that contains many modules to help writing Web Applications and Windows Applications.

ASP is Microsoft’s markup language for developing websites.

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s technology to build Web Applications.

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