Difference between JavaScript, JScript, JQuery

What is the difference between JavaScript, JScript, JQuery ? Are they same?

Java script is a scripting language as you know. But JScript, JQuery and applications made from Java script or in other words made the java script easy to use for the user and readily available. I hope i am right.

So I’ve learned that JScript & JQuery are applications developed in Javascript. Now will you please tell me the use of JScript & JQuery.

At initial level they could be used for image galleries, slideshows etc. and dont know to what max.extend they could be used. Plz refer below for more details.


JavaScript is the common term for a combination of the ECMAScript programming language plus some means for accessing a web browser’s windows and the document object model (DOM).

JScript is Microsoft’s version of JavaScript. The programming language itself is very similar to ECMAScript, but the DOM access differs in many respects.

JQuery is a JavaScript library that handles many commonly used features and also handles the differences between, e.g., Internet Explorer and standards-compliant browsers. It’s something you can use to reduce the amount of work when creating web-based applications.

Should I learn JScript? I already know Javascript?

Where can I get more details about JQuery?

No, the language is virtually the same. You need to know about Microsoft’s alternative event handling mechanism, though. For instance, they use attachEvent() instead of addEventListener(); use a global event object instead of passing it to the event listener; call event listeners as global functions instead of invoking them as methods of the object for which they are registered, etc.

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