Difference between Doorway Pages and Hallway Pages?

Difference between Doorway Pages and Hallway Pages?
Probably there would have discussion regarding this question but i need some of the examples regarding how it they are different to each other specially i would recommend give me some links where these two terms have been used if possible because i could not understand clearly due to some doubts.

Doorway page is that page which is very well optimized for high search rankings but when user clicks on that page, he will be redirected to another page.

In short, in this technique, a different page is displayed to search engine to that of user

Where as hallway page is a page having all the URLs of the website. You submit this page to search engine, when spider crawls it, all the URLs get indexed. It is a technique of fast indexing.

hemm, actually this my first time hear about hallway pages. According wkipedia doorway pages are web pages that are created for spamdexing, this is, for spamming the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases with the purpose of sending visitors to a different page

No - that’s called a site map.

I’d never heard of a hallway page before but the descriptions I just read of it makes it sound like it is just another name for a category page where you list all the sub-pages that you have in a particular category.

Does hallway page is like a sitemap of a website. i actually wants to see the page how the shape of a page is. can you give me a link where this action has been applied. i would love to see if you can plz plz plz

A doorway page is a page built specifically for the purpose of ranking well in the search engines and without any real content of its own, and which then links to the “real” destination page, or automatically redirects there. These are pages that regular visitors cannot see, but search engine spiders can. They are used to trick the search engines so that the site gets a higher ranking. Not only do they go against the rules, but they also hurt the visitor’s experience. Who wants to see a site stuffed with keywords?

A hallway page is a web page that either solely or largely contains hyperlinks to other web pages.Or you can say that a page that has links to all your different “optimized” pages you’ve optimized for each search engine.Search engine indexes all the links provided in the hallway page. A “hallway” approach may provide a convenient way to encourage spidering.They may provide quick access, rather like a site map, instead of forcing the spider to follow a more convoluted, human oriented navigation system.

Thanks for this information. As per this information, sitemap page should be called as hallway page.

So a hallway page is like a HTML sitemap to help engines crawl and does not haev any negative effect like the doorway pages would if found out?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
So what is the difference between a hallway page and a sitemap?

PS: Doorway page is black hat seo!

Sitemap serves as a map for entire site where as hallway pages are quite different from sitemap and particularly meant to list out some categories/sub-categories related to some particular product.

Doorway pages or, for short, “doorways”, are basically just what the term implies: gateways to the web site proper. (Actually, another common term for doorway pages is “gateway pages” or “gateways”.) Typically, a doorway may consist of a graphic and a welcome message plus a “Click here to enter the site” type of link. More sophisticated doorway pages will also contain a site map. The trick behind doorways lies in their source code: they will normally be optimized for web positioning in their headers, with meta tags containing keywords and page descriptions.

Hallway Pages or “hallways” will typically constitute a list of site contents, each feature being hyperlinked to its appropriate page. While hallway pages will not be hidden to the human visitor by default, their prime focus lies in serving as “spider fodder”: similar to the invisible links mentioned above, they are offering individual hyperlinks for the search engine spiders to crawl.

Hallways will also typically be devoid of graphics content, though more often than not they will be endowed with appropriate meta tags to facilitate search engine indexing.

Can you give some of the links where these terms have been applied although you have discussed it very well with detailed. actually i almost the understood you point and wanna see practically.

Yes Advisor, I know that a Sitemap contains all the URLs of a website.
But You must be knowing that a crawler can crawl a Sitemap completely, but in case of other pages it does not crawl more than 100 URLs on a page (I guess its a policy)
So, in case of doorway pages, crawler does not crawl more than 100 URLs

The main difference between Hallway page and sitemap is sitemap encompasses whole website where as Hallway pages are simple pages that serves as an index to a group of pages category wise that you would like the search engine spiders to find.Hallway page is created for more generic terms.

You mean if someone have a website and wanna crawl some of the pages of that website then webmaster would link all those URLs on that web page that Search Engine crawl or it can be worked for other websites like that web page can enlist the other website’s URLs to crawl.

A doorway page ( Often called gateway pages) focuses on one specific keyword or keyword phrase that you feel people will use to find your business through the search engines. By focusing on this one specific word or phrase, it is much easier to create a page that has the ability to rank very high for that specific word or phrase.

A “hallway” page is a page that has links to all your different “optimized” pages you’ve optimized for each search engine. When this hallway page is submitted to a search engine, the search engine’s spider travels down the page and branches off to these links indexing those pages you really want indexed. In theory, the pages it spidered will rank higher than the hallway page and higher than they would if they were submitted individually.

This thread has addressed the concerns of the original poster, and the “black hat” SEO tactics under discussion are not SitePoint’s usual fare. Let’s close this thread and move on to less questionable topics.