Did she trace my IP number?

Hmm… I emailed a company under an “anonymous” email. They were always hiring for the same position and I questioned the HR person why this was? I just noticed they were viewing my Linkedin page. I thought that was strange. I don’t recall viewing her page on Linkedin so wondered why she viewed my page. Then the paranoia factor begs the question: Could she have gotten the IP number from my anonymous gmail and found my Linkedin page? Is it that easy?
Does anyone know?
Thank you.

No it’s not that easy. You can’t get a from a persons IP to who they are. All you can get from the IP is where someone lives (crude approximation, not pinpointed to an address but rather to an area code), and who their ISP is.
Maybe her visiting your LinkedIn page was completely unrelated?

You’re probably right about it being unrelated. Perhaps she was doing a search to hire someone with my skills. After all, that was what the email was about. They are always hiring someone with my skills. That can only mean they are always letting the people with my skills go. That’s at least my take on it. I always thought they could only find out my location with my IP and nothing else… Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

Your IP Address is not sent with an email from Google. It is sent with Google’s IP Address.

How did you set up your “anonymous” email?

Did you perhaps enter your real name somewhere when setting up your email account?

Yeah, how anonymous is this account? registering it under a real name is a common mistake :smiley:

if you used it to sign up for forums, services etc around the internet it would be possible to trace it - and you. - we’re not as anonymous, as we like to think we are :wink: