DevOps Tricks and Tools?

I’ve been spending more and more time doing “DevOps”, a lot of it around deploying Rails. This has me neck deep in things like Docker. We have Jenkins and Docker and AWS all working together to enable automated deployment on every push. It’s great. Usually.

Also, it took a ton of work and research and frustration to get to where we are. I think many programmers are finding themselves in the DevOps arena. If you’re one of them, what are your tricks and tools?

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I now use ansible for provisioning to a mix of customer owned hardware, linode and digitalocean systems, previously experimented with saltstack. I use capistrano for deployment of the rails code, but am aiming at transitioning everything to ansible.

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Thanks for the great response @Ian_Heggie!

I used ansible to provision our Jenkins box. I prefer it to the others (Chef, Puppet) when I have to go there. looks super useful

I read Project Phoenix a couple of months back. It really is a good book, nice rec.

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