Devise Authentication in Depth

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This is the second article in the “Authentication with Rails” series. We are going to discuss Devise, a popular, full-fledged authentication solution by Platformatec.

In comparison to Sorcery (which I looked at last time), Devise is a more high-level solution that takes care of many different aspects for you. It presents controllers, views, mailers, and routes. While it’s simple to issue a couple of commands an have Devise up and running, it is highly customizable. Devise has very thorough documentation and a large community that produces a boatload of useful extensions. No wonder Devise is so popular.

Devise comes with a handful of modules, allowing you to choose only the required ones. There is a module to support password recovery, e-mail confirmation, account lock out, and many others.

In this article I’ll go over:

  • Integrating Devise into the demo app
  • Setting up Devise and enabling specific modules
  • Customizing Devise
  • Restricting access to certain pages
  • Setting up asynchronouse e-mail delivery
  • Integrating a Devise extension to estimate password strength
  • Adding password strength estimation to client-side

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Another very helpful tutorial. I have built apps with devise several times, but it is great to have all this recent information in one spot. Thanks.

Thank you, great that you are enjoying my posts :smile:

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