Development Strategy- confused!

Hello everyone…i am a newbie here. First of all I am a designer and I learning my way into web development. Now I got a project to design and develop a dynamic website.
Project Description:
A site where users can post and publish content related to their talent/art…like painting,photography,poems,literary works etc… I also need to provide an admin control.
Basic site layout I created:

Now I would like to ask in what all different ways I can implement this project? I got medium level knowledge of html & css, and a basic understanding of javascript, php and mySQL.
From my novice experience I think I can implement it through wordpress (even though I don’t have a clue), using it as backend. But I need to have the frontend like in the layout I created. So that when an user clicks the photography section, they will be sent to a page with gallery of previously uploaded pics of other users and an option to upload image for the current user.

Thanks in advance

I am no expert though but but let me share my views. Wordpress does have the ability to create users but I do not think there is any available WP plugin which can do this for you. Which you means you will need to use PHP coding for it :slight_smile: You can seek professional help from other freelancers too!

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I wouldn’t use WP for this site. Why won’t you use your HTML skills to create this? What difficulty are you having, exactly. If you have the skills you say you have, then what stops you from going forward? This is a pretty basic site.

Professionally I rather not create an admin to manage this from scratch as that is a very time consuming and bug prone exercise. I would opt to use Drupal since I know that the basic site could be created with very little programming and at a fraction of time/money to building something custom. However, for someone who is not familiar with Drupal the circumstances are much different. For that reason it is difficult to say one way is better than another for a person who isn’t really familiar with any cms’s and has little programming knowledge. This is especially true when the base platforms require significant customization. If they don’t than a cms like Drupal might not be as daunting as first time experience. However, a difficult decision to make for someone whom is not at least semi-familiar with a platform like Drupal. Newbies tend to prefer custom/re-inventing the wheel if that helps any.

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Welcome to the forum your layout is fantastic

Thank you all for the responses. I did the homepage:

I built from the wordpress theme ‘twenty thirteen’. The idea is like this: when the user clicks any category like photography or poems, they will be redirected to that category in wordpress. This homepage is static and i made it as a landing page.
Everything is fine now(still lots of cosmetic tweaking and minor changes ahead)

But I cant seem to get the slider right. When i load the page using xampp, the above screen loads with slider broken.
However the slider is fine in dreamweaver and in browser preview like this

What might be the problem?

figured it out :smile:

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