Development question about databases, networks, browser extensions and userscripts

I developed an userscript for Tampermonkey that uses localStorage, the amount of data requires using a database like localStorage.

There is a problem with this app/project, I can only use it on my Linux OS, but I want to use it on my Windows OS too, I cannot use it on both OS because the data isn’t shared.

I want to develop something new, the problem with it is that I never did much programming with databases, networks, browser extensions and userscripts. General programming experience is not a problem.

The data can be stored on a NTSC partition, which can be accessed from all of my OS partitions.

At the moment, I’m clueless and don’t even know what to look for, any suggestions welcome.

You need a database (Postgresql, MySQL or similar) to be able to share data.

I did some research and found that I can use a browser extension that can communicate with a database application with native messaging. The database application could use sqlite.

SQLite only supports one writer at a time per database file. It is not suited for multi-users, but if only one is accessing a time, it may work. But I vote for a “real database” :slight_smile:

Why though? If this is just a single user on a single machine using either Linux or Windows there is no chance of two concurrent writers. SQLite seems like a nice and relative simple solution for that scenario.

Alternatively, you may want to look into Firebase. You can access it like a JSON API and it’s quite easy really. Advantage is that it would so work on other computers, should you need that. If you don’t need that, I’d say stick to SQLite.

Disadvantage is, that you give your data to google….