Developing WordPress - MAMP to Cloud

I’ve been developing WordPress sites locally on my computer using MAMP for a while.

Now I’m at the point where I’d like to expand and hire developers to assist me. I don’t really want to give them access to my own computer & MAMP setup, so wondering what options there might be for developing sites in the cloud - specifically WordPress sites?
What might be the next logical step after MAMP?


Tell developers to install MAMP or LAMP in their systems and share your wordpress database and content folder. Send your requirements to your developer and get the status every day.

Else get a word-press hosting or web hosting and install word press there and create user account for each developer.

Thanks Vince. How would my developer they ‘pick up’ the shared folder’s contents in their MAMP install? Would they change the document root in their MAMP preferences from the default (Applications/MAMP/htdocs) to the shared folder?

Yes, also considering just using my hosting provider as the development platform.

Just returning to this again - does any one know how to share the MAMP folder - so I can allow others to edit the folder’s contents from their own MAMP installation?