Detect which mysql

Hi I’m re-visiting an old site and I noticed on the host control panel there are three mysql databases. I know for a fact that the site is only using one of them and that the other two can be deleted. Is there a way from within the wordpress dashboard, or from looking at code, or from the hosting control panel that I can tell which one to keep?

Are you refering to two databases, one called “information_schema” and the other called “mysql”? If so don’t touch them as they are used by mysql

When we were setting it up we created a number of subdomain testblogs. We got rid of the subdomains when the site launched but we forgot to delete each dbase that related to those tests.


It’s relatively easy to determine which WP installation is using which DB. Just do the following:

Access your Control Panel
Go to phpMyAdmin
Click on the first DB
Select the table “wp_options”
Click “Browse”
The first entry in the table is the site URL to which this DB belongs


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