Destination folder allready exists - WTF!

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Hi from Gale force York UK,

The above link illustrates my problem but here goes… I have been trying to add a wordpress plugin (wordpress SEO Yoast) to my site but I keep getting a cryptic message:

“Destination folder already exists” Now I do have admin rights but my other site jackrusselldigital does have this plugin allready installed (But I log into each web site with a different password and they are hosted differently).

So my question is please… “How can I get the SEO Yoast plugin on site www,

Thanks in advance,

You should probably start by going into the plugins folder (inside wp-content) and check to see if the folder for SEO Yoast is by any chance there. If it is, but if the plugin has been deactivated and deleted in that site (if you ever installed it to begin with), just delete its folder.

Sometimes when a plugin is deactivated and deleted through the dashboard, the folder doesn’t get completely deleted from the plugins folder.

That happened to one of my clients and the Jetpack plugin.

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