Desktop views permanent disable

Generally we we for mobile site

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

But we do that user never view desktop version even after click of desktop mode in android chrome or any platform . How I strongly restrict desktop mode by php or .Htacess? If user try to use desktop again and again he will redirect to mobile site

I don’t really understand your question.
But the viewport meta tag is used for “responsive” webpages, where you don’t have separate mobile and desktop versions. One version will work on any device.

I want to ask " How we can disable desktop view " also when user click “Desktop View” checkbox in android chrome.

Or how we can disable desktop browser . It means view website in mobile format only.

Is this a website you’re designing yourself?

Yes , you’re right

Well then, don’t design a desktop view, always present the user with the mobile layout.


Yes Now yet I have not design desktop since I want user can only view mobile site.

if there’s nothing else to show, what is the problem then?

When user force to view desktop mode the front look of page not looking good .that why…

change it. what would “not looking good” mean for anyone else? You have control of the code, do what you think looks “good”.


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