Desktop application using php with fsql

I have developed a desktop application with FSQL. It actually creates .cgi files dynamically and stores the data in them. These have data restriction like not allowing special characters. And even the deletion the records caused problem with the display of next inserting data. Anyhow managed the above problem with data encryption and smart deletion respectively.

Now i have to upgrade the same software to be used in a network. Software being installed in a centralised server and various users using it with different logins.

I am scared if the database can support the heavy burdon of data by multiple users and loosing of the data too.

Can anybody help me understanding with the limitations and restrictions of FSQL.

FSQL? As in Firebird SQL? Maybe you should ask at their forums. This is a PHP forum.
Or am I missing something?

No its Flat-File SQL. You can find more about it in the following link

Wow, their support page is a 404… nice touch!

If you’ve found it so unreliable, perhaps switch to something like mysql which is so often paired with php?

If you are needing a simple database then use SQLite which is built into the latest versions of PHP. SQLite can more then handle heavier loads, more so then FSQL because it is not implemented with PHP.