Is DeskPro good and recommended? Are you satisfied with it and their support?

DeskPro is reliable and fast. It is being used by many big companies such as

I agree it is nice, I am evaluating free version to buy.

How is their support? Do they answer ticket soon?

I discovered a piping issue, when I reply an email with "From Name: like:
Sales <> it odesn’t work
but if I send to email address only without From name like
<> it works!
why is it a bug in script or my server issue?

Can someone compare DeskPro vs. Kayako and Cerberus?

I used cerberus for sometime and it lacks most of standards of a ticketing system! such as searching KB before submitting ticket or allow techs to answer the new ticket notification email from inbox and a pipe turn it as a reply to the ticket, creating kb article from tciket reply etc. and to much more standards of a ticketing system.

Is Cerberus actually a ticketing system? or just some guys wanted to say “wow! we learnt php!” ?