Designs that don't win 99designs contest

What do you do with the design work when you don’t win a contest? 99Designs has a store but it only does logos and they seem to want to keep it very hidden.

Is there somewhere else that you publish them to or is there a reason why that isn’t a good idea?

I just feel like I go to all this effort to create some cool stuff and somebody else might actually want to pay me for it!!!

Yea I agree, from a consumers stand point 99Designs makes it awkward for people to buy the designs that didn’t win (which in many cases, are great or even “better”)! I would try publishing a few of your designs to sites like GraphicRiver or CreativeMarket and seeing which ones you get more sales from, as they each seem to draw different crowds - from both creatives and consumers.

I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to sell them. It’s not like you can’t still show them in your portfolio (in fact, by putting them in your portfolio you might make even more sales).

I did do some design for them too in the past. didn’t win but i liked them & put them in my site/portofolio

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