Designing own custom post template

Hi all, im using the custom post types from the jet pack plug-in -

I really want to use this layout to create a template page such as testimonial.php - but don’t think using jet pack would allow this. Has anyone used the above plug-in and costumed their own layouts? I’m very keen to learn more.

don’t know about jet-pack but normally to create a custom page (unless you wish to do the entire theme) you can try this.

  1. open up the index.php
  2. save it as pickyourname.php (not overwriting or destroying the index.php of course)
  3. at the top of pickyourname.php
    declare it as a custom page w/
 * Template Name: pickyourname (or whatever)

get_header(); ?>

4.go to wp admin.create a new page. You should now see in the page attribute window the option of template drop down. Select pickyourname (or whatever)
5. you can now leave it blank. and create the entire page in the pickyourname.php or create the template so it works w/the content entered in the newly created page in the wp-admin panel.

Hi pdxSherpa I’m happy in part to create a template page just unsure on how to use the jetpack plugin custom templates page for portfolios -

Want my portfolio page to look more like -

sorry can’t help you on jetpack for that i’d look at youtube & see if they have a tutorial for it. Or ask direct at the jetpack site

As for wanting your site to look like the gloucster one. (i’d imagine you’d also want the portofolio page that comes up after the user clicks on the links)
a quick ctrl+u will give you page source so you can take a look and even copy that then readjust accordingly.

A quick look at that page shows that along w/bootstrap they are using other js libraries.
the page dosn’t look like wp to me.
so to use the same js you’d have of course to download & enque.
It’s really hard to say much more as you will be using jetpack. i’d do an addy search on learnable, lynda or youtube for creating a portfolio site w/wp.

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Thanks anyway. PS did you like the sites design?

yes i thought it was nice, simple and elegant & in tune w/what the users would want to see.
also responsive (i’d put a smiley face here but that emoticon sucks)
so are you just trying to convert it to wp?

I’d have to ask why so insistent on jetpack?

btw here is one tutorial

and there are more. they might at least point you in the right direction

Cheers - yest trying to convert. Would rather use one plugin than a load - jetpack is useful and has a good community of devs working on it.

Cheers for the tut also was given a few links by a nice developer to see how another template uses different templates for custom post types…

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