Designing Credit Card form for PayPal Pro

Hi everyone,

It’s the first time I have to implement PayPal Pro. Payment works with Credit Card info put directly into the code, but now I need to design a form for the end user to put his CC info. Are there some sort of models out there for that? Or should such form be done manually, trying to replicate as well as possible what a PP credit card form should look like ?

Paypal Pro does have an API which includes a form. You can start with that and customize the look and feel as needed.


Are you refering to the iFrame integration explained in the “Integrating iFrame in Your Website” section in ? If not, I don’t see what you’re refering to. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the documentation.

This page has their code SDK:

“Express Checkout, Recurring Payments, Transaction Details, Mass Pay, Direct Payment, Payment Settlements, etc.”

I think what you are looking for is here samples->DirectPayment->DoDirectPayment.html.php