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For a new website project, I typically look for inspiration from templates and existing websites and try to create multiple ideas into something original. I find this process takes too much of my time. However, I assume there must be some good resources out there that professional web designers use to make this process easier.

Can anyone recommend some good website resources which provide a good selection of designs, which is easy to filter? Not looking for over-the-top designs, just simple designs that have had some thought put into them. I’m looking to streamline my process by having a better set of resources.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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You can download any desired template and update it as you desire.

Generally, a design house starts with interviewing the client to find out what their needs are. You can’t decide on a template before you know what you will be designing and the content type it will hold.

You appear to be tool-driven instead of solving problems for clients.

Here are sites with questions you can ask the client:

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Yes. That is fundamental to application development methodologies.

There are hundreds of books about software design methodologies. Most are relevant to website applications too. A classic book is Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides. The authors are often referred to as the Gang of Four. The book Relevance of design patterns within web applications by Niels Lange seems more relevant to you. I have not read them but I will some day. I also see Balanced Website Design: Optimising Aesthetics, Usability and Purpose | SpringerLink. I know nothing about that book other than what is in that page. Springer often has sales. They currently are offering 40% off. If you join then you will likely get the coupon for that.

Those describe methodologies used by professional software developers, including web application developers.