Design database for booking web site

this is database design expected to website

  • every package have only one hotel .
  • every package have only one program .
  • package have more duration may be 8 or 15 or 21 days only so that i have many in package duration table .
  • day details data is fixed meaning not every day change hotel accommodation per program or flight or transfer or excursion .
    hotel booking include period accommodation + flight cost + transfer cost
    program tourists booking include hotels accommodation + flight costs + transfer costs + excursion costs
PackagePackageID  PackageName Duration
  01             hotelpackage 8,15
PD01  01  8  7
PD02  01  15 14 (7,14 represent nights,nights=days-1)
DD01  PD01 DAY1
DD02  PD01 DAY2
DD03  PD01 DAY3
Until 8 days etc
Day1  Hilton Hotel
Day1  flight
Day2  Hilton Hotel
Day3  Hilton Hotel
Day4  Hilton Hotel
Day5  Hilton Hotel
Day6  Hilton Hotel
Day7  Hilton Hotel
Day8  flight
26/06/2017 50
26/06/2017  500
27/06/2017  50
28/06/2017  50
29/06/2017  50
30/06/2017  50
01/07/2017  50
02/07/2017  50
03/07/2017  500

What is your question?


I have more questions
first question
I have relation between hotel table and package and in same time have relation between hotel and day details table are this circular reference
day details table have relation with hotel because every day have accommodation hotel or more .
and every hotel have more than one package may be 8 or 15 days
include flights and transfer .
Are relation between tables hotel and packes and day details is correct or circular reference ?
and if circular reference how to fix it

can you help me please

Let’s keep the discussion in one thread, please? It’ll save everyone multiple discussions…


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