Design apps for visually impared

I am visually impared in my right eye so it is very hard for me too be infront of a screen for a long time as i tire easy, are there any design applications i can purchase that can cater for me or any settings in adobe i can change. Cheers

Hi rmcer2,

I know that DeathShawdow60 is pretty knowledgeable regarding such matters. You may see if he responds to a PM?


You may want to visit this site run by the Royal National Institute For The Blind. Its gives a lot of info about building sites for the visually impaired

There are changes you can set on your monitor and in your OS, however changing display settings in a program like Adobe stuff might not be possible. It seems to me you may need to send a mail to Adobe to ask them. Since things like changing contrast and default colours and font sizes are typical in applications built for the visually impaired, I can see these being problems for design applications: the user needs to be able to see the intended displayed colour, contrast, and size on the canvas. But it’s possible things like tools and buttons can be improved.

You may also be able to change your system fonts and colours in your OS. Desktop applications are generally supposed to be affected by these settings, and Adobe stuff are desktop applications, so it’s possible playing with those settings can improve your program.