Design a Website In Photoshop

I found this

Anyone know of one that covers CSS using CS3?

CSS using photoshop CS3 ??? wow thats way out of the league

KevinChisholm, you never want to build a website using photoshop, it’s as bad as using FrontPage or another WYSIWYG visual editor. While photoshop is great as an image production environment, it is ill equipped to deal with producing code and alike all non-code dependant designers it’s results will be erratically coded and have no guarantees of working in every browser. The idea of producing such sites in that method have been pretty much deprecated and abandoned because it’s just not a good or effective solution, if you want to build a website using HTML and CSS, code it by hand, then add in your photoshop graphics. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys but I think I may have led you astray.

Design a Website In Photoshop
First comment “What about doing this in xhtml/css using div’s instead of tables? Is that possible?”

That and other comments about the article dealing in tables prompted me to add the CSS bit. Sorry I really should of read the whole article but I will not use tables for layout.

you never want to build a website using photoshop, it’s as bad as using FrontPage or another WYSIWYG visual editor.

I use Dreamweaver CS3 in code view and notepad++.

In the thread “Do you write your HTML or CSS first?”
Some people mention either drawing a design by hand or using Photoshop.
I suck at drawing so I would like to use Photoshop.

so the question is: Anyone know of a good tutorial that covers Designing a Website In Photoshop?

Sorry for the misunderstanding :blush:

psdtuts has a lot of tutorials for web design using photoshop… check it out

The power of the slicetool! :slight_smile:

The tutorial link posted was written in 2002 which in web years is like way before the stone ages.

Most web designers still use photoshop to layout the site then use it as a reference to build the XHTML and CSS around.

haha, good one “stone ages of web design”

Try and do a search for layouts. He has some great tutorials on designing the site in Photoshop and then slicing it apart to fit into your code.

I am currently trying to teach myself how to design the layout of my site in Photoshop and/or Fireworks, then slice apart and code it myself. I have never been too keen on coding the site, then trying to create the layout afterward. I like a good visual of what I am building, kind of like blueprints. I don’t think my hand sketching counts as a good visual. :smiley: