Depicting the date in another language

This is an array that contains the months in Greek:

$greekMonths = array('Ιανουαρίου','Φεβρουαρίου','Μαρτίου','Απριλίου','Μαΐου','Ιουνίου','Ιουλίου','Αυγούστου','Σεπτεμβρίου','Οκτωβρίου','Νοεμβρίου','Δεκεμβρίου');

And this is the code that tries to display date of this format-29 May 2016-in Greek,the month must be in greek:

$dat=new DateTime($value['date_URL']);//$value['date_URL'] is the date format in English
$dt=$dat->format('d'.' '.$greekMonths[(date('n'))-1] .' '.'Y');   
echo $dt;

The problem with the code you see above is that the month is always May(in greek of course).
If for example $value[‘date’] is 2016-07-25 I get back with the above code:

25-May-2016(the month(may in this example) depicted in Greek)
Of course the correct must 25-July-2016.

I cannot understand why this is happening…the month that is displayed is always may,the current one…whatever the input date might be.

When you tell PHP to subtract 1 from a string, what does it do?

i.e. what is

"24" - 1

It makes the subtraction and cast into integer.
As such…I cannot understand what is wrong here.

So you’re still getting “May” and not “June” today?

I should get july(2016-07-25) and yes I still get may.

date('n') returns the current month since you do not provide a timestamp in the second argument. And today is May.

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