Delivering Information/Details via email instantly after paypal payment is done

Hey guys,

I have a website that sells virtual goods. All I do is, they purchase one of the many products I have and they checkout with paypal. Then I manually send the details to their registered paypal email address, there’s no downloads or anything, just information/details of their purchase.

How would I go about doing this, but automatically? every email has to be different with different details / information. Is this even possible? If so, what do I need to get the job done, what field would this be in, what questions do I need to ask to get it done, as you can see I’m pretty clueless, and just looking for some guidance.

Thank you for any help you provide, appreciate it.

What is a virtual good? If there is nothing to download or send (other than an email) I’m confused about what you are actually selling.

Account name and Password

Login details

Instructions along with it, all in one email

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