Delete socialcam , vedio from faceboook rececnt activity

Anyone can say , how will i delete app recent activity socialcam and vedio from my facebook timeline? so that someone cannot see my recent activity.

Go to and you’ll see the apps you’ve allowed in. Remove anything you don’t like the settings on – when you add it back you can limit the settings or even limit it to “only me” so shares don’t show up to your friends (if the app doesn’t given more detailed controls).

I am also having a problem with this. I removed the socialcam app completely from my own account/page in Facebook, and also deleted the posting from my friend, and even reported it as spam, the posting has also disapeared from my recent activity log. HOWEVER, when my “friends” view my timeline via their own pages, they can still see the activity under my recent activity, and under other items I have shared. (btw I did NOT share the posting, as I saw how inane the video was a second after I stupidly clicked on watch, however, my Timeline is showing it when my friends view my TL as if I shared it). Because it is nowhere in my personal pages anymore, and the app is blocked/postings removed, I can not seem to do anything more from my end. I’ve blocked it, reported as spam, removed the activity, tried all the fixes, and from my FB TL POV it is gone. HOWEVER, I asked a friend to let me see my Timeline via their own page, (i.e. via my listing as their friend), and was frustrated to see that the Socialcam posting I believed I had blocked/removed successfully can STILL be seen by all my friends when they view my Timeline via their pages. I have reported it to FB & asked them to remove it from the Timeline my friends see, however, they have done nothing to assist. Further more, it always stays on top, no matter what I post/share. When I view my own timeline myself the socialcam post is gone. When my friends view my Timeline via their pages it is always there. I know I am not the only person this is happening to, but I can not find any way to fix it. FB techs could fix it, but they are not fixing it for me, and my feedback forms have gone unanswered. I’m really at a loss regarding what to do.

Adding a couple line breaks to your posts will REALLY help people read them and thus respond.

You can unblock an app by going to then clicking “Blocked People and Apps”.

Next from that same starting page select Ads, Apps and Websites, view all and remove SocialCam’s posting permissions entirely.

Finally go to your timeline and click the next to a social cam activity if any remain. This will show you a popup with an option to remove their postings completely.

Now the app will have no rights to your page and no posts. Yay.