Delete Duplicate records in a table

Im using the below Query to find duplicates in a table
which is working fine

but now Im trying to delete all duplicates leaving just one of each record, so if theres two records the same, delete one of them
any tips?

select Invoice_Number,Company_number,count(*) as n
 from `TEST`.`invoice`
group by Invoice_Number
having  n > 1

Ah that was it, I had more than just them columns in the table, so when i added the others it worked fine for me

Thanks guelphdad & r937

you’d have to explain what didn’t work then because you either haven’t described the problem accurately or you have implemented the solution incorrectly, probably because there were more columns involved than described.

yep deleting random records will do the job, each set of duplicates are the exact same

I tried your above solution but it wasnt working for me

Any preference as to which n-1 records of n records should be deleted? Or are all records the same and should just deleting n-1 random records out of n do the job?

The duplicate record has the same company number,
so for example company 1 has an invoice number 12345
this invoice (12345) is in the table twice with the same company (1)
so i need to delete one of those whole records
company 2 is in the table three times with an invoice number of 5678
so i need to get rid of two of those records

hope that makes some sence

yes, it did the first time :wink:

did you try guelphdad’s solution?

of course, you backed up your table first, right?


dude!!! omg!!! it’s completely the opposite!!!

what you should really be aiming for is one company for each invoice


Does it matter which invoice_number is kept for each company?

If not you can run

ADD UNIQUE (company_number, invoice_number)

that will leave only one invoice_number for each company_number.