Delay of loading left sidebar , filling this with script

In a page on my Laravel site , i have a left sticky navigation sidebar and i am filling this with a script because i want dynamic links.But the specific script is after app.js , so firstly the page renders and when document is ready the script is running and thus i have a very short delay , what can i do? thanks in advance

Hi @theodoropoceid, it looks like your code is missing – you have to format it using markdown syntax (or simply select it and use the </> button) as HTML will either get rendered or removed otherwise.

Generally speaking though, there’s not much you can do but render it on the server side. This can still be dynamic of course, say from the database or what have you – you only need client side JS if the links are supposed to actually change dynamically. But in this case you can still render the initial menu on the server side.

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