Define a "web channel"?

If I have a web site that’s strictly a web site of videos, is it accurate to call it a web channel?
If not, please define web channel

From the MailVivo Helpdesk:

The Web Channel is part of the multichannel Mailvivo digital marketing platform. It allows you to extend beyond Email and consider where people go once they click on a Link.

In addition to your own website, using the Web Channel, links inside your Emails can now include dedicated, branded Landing Pages and Microsites.

As JackITo’s response shows, a definition is relative to context. I highly doubt you were going from video to some software program in your question but few terms are absolute.

Most of the time when I think of “web channel” it means the web as a channel of doing something. For example in marketing we often break campaigns into web / tv / radio. On the other hand a website is part of your web channel strategy while you may have apps for your mobile strategy.

Your usage is certainly valid although I don’t know if anyone else would make a correlation off of the term alone. It’s probably best to just explain what you said: A website dedicated to video content on <xyz>. Of course as the web has gone from an option to mainstream, just saying you’re a business for video content in a topic gets the point across too.

Web channel is a combination of various web services. One web channel can provide many services such as videos, news, discussion.