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Hi looking for a better color do display a default thumbnail image. My users are wanting to stay away from grays. and my app ui can’t use red oranges or yellows because they are validation colors. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Without having any idea of what the design looks like, or what the rest of the colour scheme is, it’s hard to offer a suggestion. You could try any pastel shade; there’s an old thread here with suggestions, and links to multiple resources.

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Obviously the answer is hot neon pink.

I’m kidding.

Well it sounds like your users have been vocal enough to inform you that the gray isnt good… so what are they suggesting for replacements? Have you tried asking them?


This is our color scheme:

How about a tint of one of your blues then?

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Can’t we use that for our buttons but I may have to push a another shade of our blue.

I’m wondering if it isn’t the color as much as it is it’s darkness. i.e. a lighter grey might be more acceptable.

Yeah they just don’t want grey at all and we use our grays elsewhere as well

they haven’t suggested anything

Anyone have seen what other apps do when there is a image missing, I did my own research and most used an icon and said no image

in my case we want to use the title and I have presented icon concepts but were rejected.

That differs among browsers (apps, I don’t know). Usually they display an icon with or without a not found message if there’s no alt text.

Some omits the icon when there is an alt text to display.

By the way, you can style the alt text that shows when the image is missing in the img ruleblock.

What about a light checkered background of some allowed color shade, or color pair like light gray/light blue?.

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