Dedicated server: setup

Hello everybody,

As a general web dev in my company, I asked for a dedicated server in order to be able to push websites and custom applications for the company and the Internet. Now I have a 8 core/8 gb ram unconfigured machine at my disposal.

I have a few questions concerning using this server in production:

  • Server is currently on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, should I upgrade to 18.04 LTS?
  • On my local machine, I use the Laradock project with Docker CE to code my stuff, it’s similar to a “developer version” of a Web Server Panel (like CPanel). Are there any security issues using Docker in production?
  • Instead, should I install a web server management software like CPanel? Considering I am the only one to manage it, I am comfortable with shells and such things.

For the tasks the server will do:

  • Host our wordpress blog (PHP7, MySQL)
  • Host a caching server (Varnish) for the blog
  • Host applications that bridge 2 APIs between each other (a data parser of some sort)
  • Host a variety of internal tools I make, serving the 50 people in my company, through an internal IP/DNS

Access to it will only be via SSH keypair, root disabled. The hosting company has set its firewall to only allow 22, 80 and 443 ports.

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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