December Photo Showcase - Your Kitchen Sink

Ok, so it’s a bit of a random one this month, but December is all about kitchen sinks. Let’s see what yours looks like. I’ll take one of mine tomorrow.

I take it we’re not supposed to post a screenshot of emacs or something.

Ugh! This means I’ll have to do the dishes and maybe even wipe the counter.

Wow, that is so off the wall HAWK. That’s awesome.

I just happened to have one on my desktop, don’t ask why!

DSCN8958_resize by [url=]Dave-H1, on Flickr

this is what happens when the dishwasher breaks down :lol:

[FONT=“Georgia”]That’s a nice photo.


I’m too ashamed to show my kitchen here…lol

LOL this is so random. I’ve never ever saw a thread like this before. A picture of a kitchen sink. Hahahaha… :smiley:

I would take a picture of mine, but um… it’s filled with dirty dishes, so I think it would be kind of embarrassing. So I think I will better just leave it.

post it :bouncy2: - the one I posted has lots of dirty dishes as well :slight_smile:

I think you would be disgusted ;-)))

no I wouldn’t :slight_smile:

or perhaps post a photo in the photo competition.

but read the rules in post #1

Ehmm… :shifty:

Here’s ours… by the way, I’m supposed to wash the dishes :smiley:

you betta get crackin’ then :slight_smile:

not much room left to pile anymore on :lol:

Already did :slight_smile:
But this is nothing, just yesterday evening’s dishes… I’m real good at piling… :smiley:

Finally, I get a chance to use this.


I’m sure there is a sink buried underneath there somewhere :smiley:

I like it :slight_smile:

aw, poor tomato!

Very great rubbish (in a good way)!