December Photo Showcase: LARGE

In most of the world, this is the month that contains a flurry of activity (and sometimes a flurry of snowflakes). We are assaulted* by music and overt ‘decorations’ celebrating the Christmas holiday.

  • This Holiday is very big
  • The decorations are often very big
  • The investments of retailers to seduce us into buying is very, very big
  • The way I feel after a family Turkey dinner is very, very, very big

For that reason our topic of the month is LARGE.
Interpret it as you see fit when displaying your photographs.

*If you visited my neighborhood, you would understand my choice of words. There seems to be a competition for the lawn with the most BIG AND COLORFUL (often flamboyant) decorations.

How about an ancient monument?

One Lego … small
Many, many, many Legos … LARGE!

Awesome lego Giraffe! :smiley:

And all those people underneath. They look so real!:lol:

They can do amazing things with Legos these days, for sure. :smiley:

Haha… that’s cool Giraffe mate

Holy moly, that giraffe is great

~30 feet tall and placed in the middle of a sidewalk.

Wow, that’s a big head :smiley:

i thought the giraffe was big until i saw that head! great shots!

I wonder where she buys her lipstick?

Mt. Ngaruhoe, New Zealand: cloudy with a chance of rocks.

Here’s my contribution.

If you like this, check

The above one is really awesome.

Look at this.

Very nice picture. Happy Xmas!

India Gate

Amazing place “gateway of india”, last year i was there and it was a great place :slight_smile:

The Hanuman Murti - Dattatreya Yoga Centre, Waterloo, Trinidad

[SIZE=“1”]Me, about to be crushed by something LARGE


[FONT=“Georgia”]Cool shadows off your Stonehenge, armchair’.